Our Mission

VMG’s mission is to assist organizations in building their business through the strengthening of relationships with their key constituencies such as clients, contacts, investors, employees and consumers.

We achieve this for our clients by designing and implementing highly customized events specifically tailored to allow interaction with your constituencies in a unique setting while also promoting brand awareness. Our main goal is to ensure that all of our programs and events create tangible business results that easily surpass the invested resources.

Our Services

Companies and organizations hire VMG to provide impactful event marketing & management, client interfacing programs and branding strategies. This often provides a more cost-effective alternative to adding a new department or expanding existing internal groups. Our Core Services include:
  • Client Hospitality
  • Corporate Events
  • Brand Extensions
  • Sports Marketing
  • Research
  • Public Relations

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Who We Work For

If your organization has a need to implement events for C-level management teams or high-end clients, then you are an ideal candidate to work with VMG.

The types of clients that may hire VMG include:

  • Banks
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Wealth Management Firms
  • Law Firms
  • Insurance Companies
  • Consulting and Accounting Firms
  • Hedge Funds